The Seacroft Stories team is collecting stories, memories and experiences of life in Seacroft from past and present residents. We want to find out about all aspects of life in Seacroft: from the mundane to the dramatic; and from the 1930s to the present.

During this activity you are invited to explore what Seacroft was like in the past and what it is like today. You can read through the information about the changes that have taken place in Seacroft over a century, and you can tell us your thoughts and memories. There is a response sheet with questions that you might like to answer, and if you send it back to us it can be preserved at the West Yorkshire Archive Service.

There is always a risk that history activities might bring back difficult memories and emotions. Sometimes this can come as a surprise. We give all participants information about local support services in case this is useful, and MindWell Leeds has lots of useful resources including this advice on self-care and local support services.

This activity has been created with artists Alison Andrews, Matthew Bellwood and Amy Levene. 

You can download the response sheet at the bottom of this page as well as an example project information sheet and consent form. You can collect a hard copy of the whole pack from Chapel FM, or we will post one to you if you email

You can click on each image to zoom in, and use the back button in your web browser to return to this page.

What has this information about Seacroft made you think about? Has it brought back any memories? How has it made you feel?

You can download a copy of the pack here 

Anyone is welcome to send us a response using the sheet below. You can download it from the website, collect a hard copy from Chapel FM or we will post a hard copy to you if you email

If you would like to send us your response we will give you an information sheet and consent form so that you can decide whether you would like to take part. The responses which are contributed to the project might be used in different ways, depending on the wishes of each person. We will explain the different purposes to you – including a new ‘Seacroft Lives’ collection at the West Yorkshire Archive Service, an online exhibition on this website, displays in Seacroft, and in academic publications – and you can choose whether you would like to contribute your story to some or all of these.

If you have any questions get in touch with Jessica Hammett to find out more:

You can download the response sheet here

You can download an example project information sheet here

You can download an example consent form here

We’d love to know about your experience of taking part in Seacroft Stories. Could you give us three words to describe how it made you feel in the comments below

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